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Digital identity Net uk Ltd

A digital identity platform with a difference

Digital identity is defined in a fluid constantly evolving ecosystem

We understand that our individual personal digital identity is not a static 'entity', an object to be stored, secured, and somehow managed. There are many approaches to digital identity that view consumers as simply 'digital bits' to be encrypted and distributed, whether by blockchain, or stored on our mobile devices.

How do we really make sure a consumer is who they say they are online? How can consumers provide the personal details required when signing up for new services in an easy and simple manner? 

Forms with dozens of data fields and other validation processes take time, are error prone, costly and still susceptible to fraud - creating needless friction and frustration. Securing digital identity can be different. Digital Identity Net uses OpenBanking protocols to enable consumers to authorise the sharing of validated identity data.

We are a UK-based company that places individuals in control of the fluid ecosystem of their existing digital identities – providing consumers with a single gateway to the validated identity data held about them by their banks and other trusted custodians of transactional and behavioural data. This empowers the consumer to leverage their identity, decide who has access to it, and how they share it, to build a better quality of digital life.

Leadership Team

The Company is led by a team of highly accomplished individuals who have built businesses in Digital Identity, Payments, Banking, Technology and Government. We place the individual in control of the fluid ecosystem of their digital identities – creating a trust framework between consumers, banks and businesses – to combat fraud, improve the customer experience, and facilitate economic growth.

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