Enabling banks to create new value for the digital economy

New revenue opportunities

New opportunities, new growth...

Today’s vibrant digital economy provides significant growth opportunities across virtually every business sector. The combination of new technology and regulatory change is transforming the way consumers engage with and buy new services and products.

Heightened market expectations are challenging yesterday’s norms, with consumers demanding simple and frictionless sign-up processes – expectations that can be challenging for companies requiring detailed identity verification for customer onboarding. As a result, abandonment rates are escalating, reaching in excess of 75% in some industries.

Trust Custodians

Since their inception, banks have been central to helping consumers and businesses reach their goals. While their role continues to evolve, banks’ pivotal position as agents of trust for customers – of their finances and their data – continues.

What if your organisation could monetise your existing bank-grade customer digital identities and with consumer consent provide a simple and virtually one-click onboarding process for businesses? What if you could create entirely new revenue streams and cement your role as trust custodians for the digital age?

With Digital Identity Net you can.

ROI from OpenBanking

Our platform enables banks to create new value from offering their digital identity data using existing Open Banking APIs. Digital Identity Net provides a trust framework to enable corporates to benefit from receiving validated digital identities, and for consumers to control who has access to their data. This enables banks to commercialise their OpenBanking investments.

Digital Identity Hub

Digital Identity Net UK provides banks with the ability to leverage OpenBanking protocols and participate in a growing digital identity marketplace – seamlessly providing businesses with bank-grade secure and validated customer identity information – dramatically simplifying the customer onboarding process, combating fraud, and generating new revenue.

Digital Identity Net is a unique digital identity assurance hub - connecting banks, consumers, and businesses. It enables banks to create new value that crosses business, geographic and industry boundaries, becoming indispensable long term partners in the rapidly growing digital economy. 

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