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Digital economy opportunities, and challenges...

Today’s always connected digital economy provides significant growth opportunities across virtually every business sector. The UK’s vibrant mobile-first consumer marketplace presents many challenges, together with sizable new revenue opportunities, for those organisations that are capable of engaging with and onboarding new customers in the simple and frictionless way that they are increasingly coming to expect and demand.

The need to combat the growing threat of fraud, together with regulatory know-your- customer requirements in certain sectors, can by necessity result in often complex and detailed new customer onboarding processes and procedures – contributing to digital abandonment rates reaching in excess of 75% in some industries.

One-click onboarding

What if your business could provide a simple and virtually one-click onboarding process for new customers that they come to love? One that delivers secure, and bank-validated customer identity information to you? 
With Digital Identity Net you can.

With Digital Identity Net you can.

Frictionless new customer sign-up

Digital Identity Net UK provides businesses with bank secured and validated customer identity information, dramatically simplifying customer sign-up, combating fraud, and greatly lowering your onboarding costs. 

Digital Identity Net is a unique digital identity assurance network - connecting banks, consumers, and businesses. It places the consumer in control of their existing ecosystem of validated digital identities; enables banks to securely share, with consent, the data they hold; and businesses to dramatically simply new customer acquisition – improving the customer journey, lowering costs, and combating fraud.

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