Age Verification Providers Association

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Online AV is fast growing. Where does the AVPA come in?

29 March 2022

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The Age Verification Providers Association (AVPA) is an independent organisation that accepts businesses that verify age as members.

AV providers then get representation and also information on best practices in the AV regulatory field.  

The AVPA was formed in 2018 from a need for nationwide voice to represent the AV industry and the quickly changing regulations.

They focus on ensuring children are protected online and prevented from accessing age-restricted goods and services.

Also, they make sure their members put in practice the laws around AV.

Not only this, AVPA work strenuously in trying to spread the word on the newest age verification methods that are taking a foothold in the industry. This involves educating the media and many retailers on the best methods of age verification that they can implement into their business.

The AVPA is a leading member of the euCONSENT consortium which works diligently in delivering European-wide infrastructure for parental consent and online age verification.

They plan to change the general idea on age verification and create a positive mindset around this practice.