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Blue lineAge Verification

OneID® Age Verification works in real time, verifying age or age category within seconds.

No document uploads, no live selfies, no hassle.

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Blue lineVerified Sign-In

OneID® Sign-In authenticates customers in seconds, making sign-in easy and safe.

Bank-based 2-Factor Authentication provides maximum security, meaning only the right person can sign-in, and do so in seconds.

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Blue lineVerified ID

Verified ID with OneID® allows you to truly know who's signing in, separating genuine people from fraudulent time-wasters, bots, and other business disruptors. 

Protect your platform and other users.

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Verified Sign-up      Blue line

Account creation, but make it seamless. Register and verify customers at the same time, without creating friction.

Separate computers from humans, fraudsters from genuine customers, without any captchas or estimations.

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Know Your CustomerBlue line

Perform KYC checks simply, all in one place without needing to receive & store documentation from your customers. Reduce your data protection compliance burden and reduce your costs.

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OneID Verified ID



OneID® lets you prove who you are online using the personal data in your bank, using Open Banking technology. The platform lets businesses know the data they need from customers is legitimate and true, whilst enabling customers to ask their bank to provide that security.

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Digital identity verification using the Open Banking protocol reduces the risk of fraud and helps businesses. 

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Making it safe and easy for people to prove who they are online.

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