Verify your age

Use OneID® Age Verification to prove your age without sharing sensitive documents like your passport or driver's license or taking a live selfie.
We believe in your right to privacy, which is why we want to let you share as little data as possible.

Age verification with OneID with no document uploads

Account creation with OneID

Create new accounts

With OneID® Verified Sign-Up you'll speed up account creation whenever it's needed. No more forms to fill in, sharing your name, address and DOB for the ten-thousandth time.
Simplify your life online by signing up in seconds.

to your favourite sites

OneID® Sign-In saves you from remembering all those passwords and memorable information answers - no more sharing your mother's maiden name, your cat's nickname, your favourite high school teacher's middle name...
Sign-In quickly and safely, knowing only you can access your accounts.

back into your account with OneID

What's so great about OneID®?

OneID® works in real-time, with automatic verification and authentication. Log in to your bank app, consent to share, and you're done.


Use your bank app to share who you are online. No more complicated forms to fill in or documents to upload.


Because OneID® uses the data in your bank, only you can access it to share information, securing your personal data online.


Your data is private to you, and with OneID® you only ever share what's necessary. The best part? We don't even see the data, you are in control. 


All our services are free for you to use, with our mission being to give you back control over your own data.


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