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Our goal is to establish OneID® as effectively a national digital utility service, seamlessly integrated with the online economy, and empowering people with a secure means of proving their identity.

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An innovative investor model for a unique identity service

We have an innovative approach to our fundraising, with the objective of placing angel investors at the heart of our governance model.

We plan to raise £10,000,000 in equity capital from angel investors, under the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS).

Citizen investors

Our citizen angel investor approach reflects the wider social benefit focus of the business and the trust model that is at the very heart of OneID®.

Over 80 investors are already contributing to our innovative private Angel model. Get in touch to find out how we raised our first £3m in the last year!

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Identity for good

We passionately believe in the wider social benefits of OneID® and as such have a governance commitment to support and fund a Social Benefit Trust, with a progressively defined portion of profits promoting wider social benefit.

We believe that corporate and social responsibility is entirely compatible with significant revenue and profit generation and investment return for our shareholders.

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