Age verification for kitchenware & knives online


What's the big deal?

If you're selling kitchenware and knives online, it's your responsibility to keep minors safe, and away from your products. 

With a fifth of knife crime in England and Wales carried out by minors who obtain knives and bladed items illegally, the problem is significant. 

Make sure that you're compliant with The Criminal Justice Act (1988) and the Knives Act (1997) with a safe, secure, and surprisingly easy age verification process. 

Speak to use today and you could be up and running by tomorrow.

A simple and secure way to verify customers' ages in real-time 

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Boost sales

OneID® Age Verification lets your customers prove their age in under a minute, so you don’t lose customers to long checkout processes.

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Simplify verification

OneID® Age Verification reduces administrative load and costs with an automated process, plus the integration can be done in minutes.

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Avoid prosecution

OneID® Age Verification makes sure you meet all legal requirements for selling age-restricted goods, protecting you and your business.

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