Online Age Verification Essentials: Hear from the experts why it matters

Online Age Verification Essentials: Hear from the experts

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Verifying age online is a pressing issue deserving of attention. Register for our webinar that will explore the topic of age verification with tech and age verification experts.


15 November 2021

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Yesterday, November 30th, Digital Identity Net hosted a webinar – Age Verification Essentials: Hear from the experts. If you missed it – fear not! Below you’ll find a recording of the full session, including research insights from the expert and a full product demo from a new provider.

With the spotlight on age verification and particularly the regulation of online age verification in the UK, the webinar featured a panel of experts including Tony Allen from the Age Check Certification Scheme, Iain Corby from the Age Verification Providers Association, Gary Humphrey from Digital Identity Net and was moderated by Katherine Holden from TechUK.

The discussion was lively and insightful for businesses operating online and selling age-restricted products or services. Some key points covered include:

  • Long, overdue changes to age verification online are just around the corner. 
  • The Age Appropriate Design Code now requires all businesses that are likely to be accessed by children to take sufficient measures to restrict their access.
  • Revisions of the Offensive Weapons Act will require businesses that sell knives and sharp objects to verify age at the point of sale and delivery.
  • The penalties for not complying with laws could result in fines of up to £17.5 million or 4% of global annual turnover. 
  • OneID® Age Verification lets you verify age using bank verified data in under a minute while meeting legal requirements.

We’re sorry if we missed you at the session, but here’s the recording so you won’t miss a minute.

Please do feel free to get in touch with any of our panellists, who shared their contact details at the end of the session for anyone with any questions, and if you have queries for or would just like a chat with one of our team at Digital Identity Net, get in touch here.