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OneID® is now able to provide assured advice to their customers.

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Press Release

10 June 2022

The OneID Team®

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UK Fintech company, OneID®, is now able to provide assured advice and certification to their customers in an exciting development for their online age authentication services.


This advice was developed by Milton Keynes Trading Standards as part of a Primary Authority coordinated partnership with OneID® and will be issued to their customers when they adopt OneID® for age authentication. 

This is a significant step for OneID® and their online age authentication as it provides clear guidance for businesses of all sizes to gain valuable insight into mitigating the risk of selling to underage consumers. This follows cases in recent years where businesses that have not had robust age authentication checks in place have been heavily fined and faced prosecution for mis-selling age restricted products to underage buyers. 

The OneID® age verification product lets you prove who you are online using a simple yet effective age verification process. This process provides a full audit trail should there be an enquiry from an Enforcement Authority such as the Trading Standards Department or the police which would then help OneID® customers prove they had robust checks in place which could help them avoid prosecution and legal action. OneID®’s services can verify the identity of around 40 million people in the UK. 

OneID®’s Chief Business Development Officer, Keith Mabbit, said of the development: 

Using our technology to protect those who are most vulnerable in society is core to our values. So, I’m extremely happy that we are now able to provide assured advice on our age verification product and help retailers put the right controls in place to protect that underage from purchasing age restricted goods.

Alison Hunt, Principal Trading Standards Officers at Milton Keynes Trading Standards “We look forward to working with OneID® as Primary Authority Partner. Our officers have expertise in providing assured advice for online age authentication providers and they are a natural fit for our organisation. We are working with the business to provide Primary Authority advice to give OneID® clients assurance that their age verifications systems are suitable and robust.”

OneID® is a UK based fintech company making it easier for people to prove who they are online, allowing businesses to quickly and effectively corroborate their customers' identity in a way that is legitimate and true. OneID® was launched in 2019 and was founded with a strong social purpose, dedicated to having a positive social impact which is visible through their commitment to being a certified B-Corporation and their unique investor model which aims to be the first privately funded public utility.