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OneID® is now a certified Digital Identity Service Provider (ISP)

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Press Release

28 June 2022

The OneID Team®

The latest news from the OneID® team.

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We are delighted to announce that OneID® is now a certified Digital Identity Service Provider (ISP) under the UK Digital Identity & Attributes Trust Framework (DIATF) and is the first provider with a 100% digital process to achieve this certification. 

And we are also extremely proud to be the first Orchestration Service Provider (OSP) to receive certification. As an OSP, OneID® plays the role of a ‘hub’ to connect all of the UK’s high street banks with providers of any online journey that needs customers to identify themselves. OneID® is also the first Scheme Owner to be certified against the DIATF for any roles. OneID® operates a multi-sector scheme that enables bank customers to consent to safely share their bank-verified identity information. 

OneID® is unique as it is the only fully digital identity service. The customer’s journey is friction-free and requires no app or account setup, no scanning of paper documentation or selfie-taking, and no data entry. The service enables safe and frictionless identity proving for over 40 million people in the UK. If your customer uses internet or mobile banking, they already have everything they need to use the OneID® service. 

The certification of Digital Identity Providers under the UK Digital & Identity Attributes Trust Framework is a huge step forward in establishing a national approach for digital identity solutions in the UK. Enabling people to prove who they are online easily and securely, improving user experience, increasing security and boosting the UK’s economic growth. 

OneID®’s core aim is to enable trust, and we believe that a national approach is needed to ensure the internet becomes a truly safe and trusted place for individuals and businesses. This certification recognises OneID®’s part to play in that world. 

Why Choose a Certified Identity Service Provider? 

Certification provides assurance to businesses and individuals that OneID® meets relevant framework rules and the standards and Level of Confidence for identities as set out in the trust framework. 

This assurance follows a rigorous audit process undertaken by the Digital Identity Systems Certification service authorised by DCMS and UKAS, giving the confidence that OneID® has passed all the necessary checks to be certified to provide a trusted digital identity to businesses and give the level of protection consumers of digital identity require. 

Digital Identity is a fast and evolving market with many providers, offering a broad variety of solutions to digital identity which can be confusing. Selecting a certified identity service provider gives businesses assurance that their service provider has met or exceeded all the necessary criteria to provide a trusted digital identity service. 

 Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Checks 

Temporary alternatives to face-to-face ID verification for employers were put in place by the Government during the pandemic; these were quickly adopted by employers who have seen the benefits of moving to remote screening. In April 2022, legislation came into effect allowing UK employers to use the services of digital Identity Service Providers (ISPs) to carry out DBS checks. The temporary legislation expires in September 2022, by which time employers will need to revert to physical forms of identity verification or adopt digital identity from a certified supplier. 

OneID® provides a 100% digital identity without the need for physical documents, removing the friction from the DBS process and improving the security of the check by using bank-verified information to perform the check. 

Who is OneID®? 

OneID® is a Government-certified, UK-based identity tech company making it easier for people to prove who they are online by accessing bank-verified and secured data. This ground-breaking technology can authenticate the identity of over 40 million people in the UK in a way that is secure, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and certified to the DCMS Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework. OneID®’s products have already appealed to a wide range of businesses in the UK who have enabled their customers to quickly and safely authenticate their identity online. 

OneID® was launched in 2019 and was founded with a strong social purpose. It is a B-Corp that aims to be the first privately-funded public utility and is dedicated to having a positive social impact by putting trust first. The technology enables businesses and individuals to operate online in a truly safe manner whilst also protecting data and privacy; OneID ® does not store or exploit any personal data.