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Article | The Times | 8 February 2021

Digital identity can boost economic recovery and tackle social challenges
An assured digital identity can help bridge more than the digital divide, says Martin Wilson, chief executive of Digital Identity Net

We are all very aware that the past 12 months have transformed almost every aspect of our lives, forcing all of us to adapt in ways previously barely imaginable. From kitchen-table offices and schools, to digital socialising and the increased dominance of online shopping, our lives have changed significantly.

However, while we have all faced lockdown challenges, their impact has been felt very unevenly across society.
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Press Release | 5 February 2021

FCA approves Digital Identity Net as Registered AISP ahead of OneID® pilot

Financial Conduct Authority grants Digital Identity Net Account Information Service Provider (AISP) status.

Digital Identity Net has been registered as an Account Information Service Provider (AISP) by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). As a registered AISP, Digital Identity Net can access the UK Open Banking infrastructure and, with their  consent, enable customers to share their account information held within UK banks.

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Article | 3 February 2021

Be your Customer’s Perfect Match in the ‘New Normal’
By Fiona Jones

Just as everything else in the past year, Valentine’s Day 2021 will be a bit different. Whether it be in our personal or business lives, things have changed.  At home, fancy dinner reservations will be switched out for Netflix and pizza parties, whilst singletons looking for love will have to rely on Zoom to make that connection. With lockdowns meaning our lives increasingly move online, the number of people using dating sites and apps in the UK increased by 8.5% in the past year. Unfortunately, scammers have also increased their presence in the online dating world, with Action Fraud reporting a year-on-year increase of 26% in romance fraud.
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Article | Finextra | 20 January 2021

Commercialising Open Banking - digital identity, a key opportunity for banks?
By Martin Wilson, CEO, Digital Identity Net

This month marks the third anniversary of Open Banking in the UK – or more specifically, three years since Open Banking became a compliance obligation for banks. Back in 2018, users of Open Banking products and services were counted in the tens of thousands and it wasn’t until the beginning of 2020 that this number slowly reached the million-user milestone.

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Blog | 20 January 2021

The ‘new normal’ and online dating
By Andra-Bianca Muntean

As we approach Valentine’s Day 2021, one thing we can say with certainty is that it will be unlike any other. Almost all aspects of our lives have been transformed over the past year, with dating for singletons being no exception. In an environment where data and trust are the most valuable commodities, keeping customers safe should be top of the list of priorities for all businesses. Many online dating platforms have taken steps to better protect their users, but weaknesses and vulnerabilities remain.
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Press Release | 19 January 2021

Digital Identity Net appoints former NatWest Group Senior Manager as new COO

Digital Identity Net the innovative digital identity company connecting consumers, banks and businesses, today announced the appointment of Stuart Kempster as Chief Operating Officer. Stuart joins the executive team, reporting to CEO Martin Wilson.

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Article | Bobsguide | 12 January 2021

The #Lockdown3 challenge - how banks can help struggling retailers in 2021
By Fiona Jones

2020 was a year all of us are probably keen to forget. From an economic and business standpoint, the two extended periods of ‘lockdown’ delivered an unprecedented body blow across all commercial sectors. Hospitality and travel experienced an existential crisis, along with large swathes of retail suffering the most dramatic economic downturn ever recorded - resulting in a succession of closures and business failures.
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Press Release | 10 November 2020

Digital Identity Net receives Government Innovate UK grant

Digital Identity Net, the innovative digital identity platform connecting consumers, banks and businesses, has been awarded a development grant from the UK Government’s innovation agency to further develop its OneID® digital identity solution to tackle under-age and excessive gambling.

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