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Simplifying and securing our online lives.

OneID is a unique digital identity assurance network - connecting banks, consumers, and businesses.

OneID places the consumer in control of their existing ecosystem of validated digital identities. It enables banks to securely share, with consent, the data they hold, and businesses to dramatically simplify new customer acquisition – improving the customer journey, lowering costs, and combating fraud.

Digital Identity Platform

Unique | OneID is a unique approach to digital identity, providing consumers with a single gateway to the validated identity data held about them by their banks. This ensures they are always in control of their identity, who has access to it, and how they share it.

Frictionless | By selecting OneID as a sign-up option, consumers grant organisations one-time access to their bank-grade validated unique personal identity information, keeping the consumer in control of their data privacy, and delivering a near one-click onboarding facility for new services and products. 

Validated | By using OneID, businesses can be confident that they truly know who their new customer is, receiving validated digital identity information including bank payment details - removing errors, fraud, and friction from the onboarding process.

Lower Cost | Using OneID, businesses can significantly reduce new customer acquisition and verification costs.

Trust Framework |
Digital Identity Net utilises Open Banking API standards to create a trust framework between the consumer who is fully in control, banks who retain verified and secure customer data, and businesses that, with customer consent, are granted access to assured digital identity information. More and more banks are supporting this ecosystem that leverages their existing Open Banking APIs.

Simple Integration |
Businesses can greatly enhance their current onboarding systems and procedures, accessing OneID through a simple and secure API call to existing web and app interfaces.

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