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The ‘decline of the high street’ was already well advanced before the global health pandemic sent shock waves through virtually every strand of the UK’s retail sector. For some businesses this has meant an entire switch to digital channels, with existing trends towards online increasing at an unprecedented velocity.

The need to combat the growing threat of fraud, together with regulatory know-your- customer requirements in certain sectors, can by necessity result in often complex and detailed new customer onboarding processes and procedures – contributing to digital abandonment rates reaching in excess of 80% in some industries.

One click onboarding

What if your business could provide a simple and virtually one-click onboarding process for new customers that they come to love? One that delivers secure, and bank-validated customer identity information to you?

With OneID you can.

While there remain many business uncertainties ahead, the adoption of a simple and secure digital identity solution addresses some of the core challenges retailers face. OneID enables a frictionless onboarding journey, providing secure and bank-validated customer identity information – dramatically simplifying customer sign-up, combating fraud, and reducing abandonment rates.

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