Simple steps you can take to meet consumer expectations in 2021

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8 April 2021

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This webinar, moderated by Chuka Umunna with NatWest, Starling Bank and Digital Identity Net, shared new market research that highlights some of the challenges businesses and retailers face and the simple steps you can take to meet heightened consumer expectations, including:

Key Takeaways

  • Marketplace transformation. Today’s marketplace is mobile. From high-street to handset – how can your business adapt and succeed where so many have failed?
  • Consumer frustration. A smooth and simple online consumer journey is essential but increasing frustration and consumer abandonment rates mean many brands are losing business - how can digital identity help remove this friction?
  • Fraud threats. The bad guys are adapting too and will be targeting your business - what can you do to keep fraudsters at bay?

To find out about how OneID can help you revolutionise your customer journey.


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